5G wireless broadband


Sick of NBN? Experience super fast and reliable unlimited broadband plans. No NBN connection to your premises is needed, not even in your immediate neighbourhood.

Fixed wireless broadband plans

25 Mbps Plan
$100 per month*

Perfect for watching video in standard and HD, plus surfing the web or other online activities at the same time. Buffering begone!


50 Mbps Plan
$150 per month*

This plan is great for watching video in Ultra HD while multitasking on the web, suitable for households where multiple members accessing the internet at the same time


75 Mbps Plan
$200 per month*

Seriously fast – very seriously. This residential access plan to Australian standard broadband is what standard broadband was to dial-up.


100 Mbps Plan
$250 per month*

Incredibly, insanely fast. So fast that we have trouble describing the speed you will experience with this home broadband plan in mere words.


* Excluding installation charge and GST.


Amazing features.


Solid technology, clever engineering

This NBN alternative is provided to your home through hybrid 5G fixed wireless internet and fibre broadband technology.

Symmetrical connection

All the plans are symmetrical, meaning you’ll enjoy the same upload speed as download – and not just some of the time.

Less congestion, low latency

Resources are assigned to maximise customers’ experience. The connections are also low-latency, which is crucial for online gaming and VOIP applications.

Unlimited broadband plans

The faster your internet connection speed is, the more data you’ll use. That’s why all plans offer unlimited data. And unlimited means unlimited – no penalties, no speed reduction.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) option

Make cheap phone calls over your internet connection from just $10 a month extra.

Superb support

Our team and partners are all based in Australia and just a phone call or email away to assist you with any questions you may have. We want to see you up and running as fast as possible – and to keep you that way.

Easy installation

Installation is a quick and easy process fixed wireless internet connections

  • A small microwave receiver will be installed on your home’s antenna mast or on a small mast we can supply* if required.

  • A cable will then be run from the receiver to a wall plate installed in a convenient location in your home for connection to a WLAN compatible router or direct to your PC.