Security system

Whether you’re at work or away on holiday, automated house offers the security of knowing your home will alert you if anything is amiss. You can easily monitor your home from anywhere in the world using your phone/tablet.

The security system can be programmed to arm itself when no one is home by looking for your phones. It can also be programmed to periodically turn lights on and off to give the impression that people are home.




  • Check in your home anytime by live streaming your camera feeds

  • Our preferred brand is HikVision because it is widely adopted within the security industry. Offering good features to price, their cameras are available in a wide variety of sizes, resolution, and budgets.

Network video recorder

  • Network video recorder ensures you’ve captured the security moment. Any suspicious activity can be investigated further.

  • Most of our units come with a 3TB built-in hard drive and can be easily expandable with additional hard drive.

Uninterruptible power supply

  • UPS provides emergency power backup to security system and all other kinds of DC powered equipment during power failure or intruders interfering with your power supply.

  • Some UPS offers  surge protection and telephone/modem protection.



  • Motion sensor warns you via push notifications when someone enters your home. They double as automation sensors when you are at home.

  • Protect your family and home from other risks with smoke, flood and CO sensor.


  • Siren provides an excellent deterrent to thieves and notifies neighbours and authorities of burglary or fire.

  • Some sirens can double as doorbell or an audible chime notification when a door/window is open.



The intercom connects to your phone to show you who’s ringing at the door even when you are not at home.


Door lock

  • Control your lock remotely from your phone. Guests or your kid who forgot his keys don’t have to wait for you outside.

  • You can also lock and unlock door manually by entering your codes on the touchscreen keypad.