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Security and energy saving

Motion sensor app on phone to track energy consumption and security. Burglar break in through window at night.


  • Whether you’re at work or away on holiday, you can easily monitor your home using phone/tablet. The system knows you are home by checking if your smartphone is at home. By combining door/window sensors with motion sensors, it immediately warns you via push notifications when someone enters your home.
  • Security system can also be programmed to periodically turn lights on and off to give the impression people are home.
  • Security camera provides an excellent deterrent to thieves and is an extra layer of security. Any suspicious activity can be investigated.

Energy Savings

  • With multi-sensor, you can set the temperature per room, lights that only activate when someone walks into the room and turns off when everyone leaves, while blinds can be opened to catch the sunlight and closed to retain the heat.
  • Mobile app lets you check power usage of each individual device to easily identify which pieces of hardware keep on bumping up your bills.
  • Turn off any appliance that you forget when leaving home in a rush from your phone/tablet.
  • Our integrated approach maximises comfort with minimal energy costs.