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Voice control

White Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 2 and Google Home on counter with plants

One of the coolest advancements in home automation is the growing integration of voice control with all kinds of devices.

It is particularly useful for elderly, disabled and physically challenged people, who are bed-ridden and relying on someone else to come and operate the lights, blinds and television.

Using a phone to snap off your lights is easier than using a switch, but asking your Echo or Google Home to control them - with simple voice commands as “Hey Google, bedroom lights on” or “Alexa, turn all the lights off” -  is simpler than both, especially when you snuggle under the cover. 

In addition to operating your home automation devices, voice-activated systems offer the ability to ask the computer questions like “What is the weather like today?” or “What is my favourite stock selling at?”. You can even use voice control to play your favourite music on a specific speaker in your home such as "Hey Google, play songs by Rihanna from Spotify on living room speaker". 

Not keen to adopt voice control?

Techsmax can also offer push buttons, keyfobwall mount and remote to  control your Z-Wave home automation system.

We are able to customise a solution that meets your need and budget, just fill out the contact form and one of our design solution engineers will contact you.