AEOTEC Z-Wave - Smart Switch 6

AEOTEC Z-Wave - Smart Switch 6


Plug any appliances into AEOTEC Smart Switch 6 to turn them into smart devices, which allows you to control them via your Z-Wave home automation gateway, remote control or even your smartphone. Devices connected to the smart plug can also be scheduled to turn on/off.

Smart Switch 6 can power devices that draw up to 15A of power. USB side-port is discretely crafted into the design for convenient charging.

Energy consumption is tracked in real-time and reported to your Z-Wave gateway. Power usage level is also visually showed via Aeotec LED Ring, which can be configured to be completely turned off or various colour mode.

  • Max standby power: 0.5W

  • USB output: DC 5V±5%, 1000mA

  • Built-in surge protector and over-current protector.

  • Range: anywhere in the world via mobile app or up to 150 metres via remote

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