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Aeotec Z-Wave - Garage Door Controller
Aeotec Z-Wave - Garage Door Controller

Aeotec Z-Wave - Garage Door Controller

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The garage door is one of the most overlooked yet frequently used entrance to your home. Aeotec Garage Door Controller brings the intelligence of the connected home and Z-Wave to it.

Easily connected to your door’s existing motor, Garage Door Controller enhances it with a suite of security and safety sensor, while retains all the built-in safety features from the existing unit. You also get the ability to manually operate the door via the large push bottom on the main unit.

Please be sure to check you door unit before placing your order, you should have the two wire input as shown in the picture. 

This unit also comes with a tilt sensor that fits on the door and communicates wireless back to the main unit.

Safety first.
Controller includes a 105dB siren and LED lighting to warn of door closures.

Upload MP3 tones.
Customise the controller’s safety tones by uploading MP3s via USB.

Battery powered tilt sensor.
Cable free and powered by batteries that’ll last up to 2 years.