FIBARO Z-Wave Sensor - Door/Window Sensor 2

FIBARO Z-Wave Sensor - Door/Window Sensor 2


The Fibaro Door/Window Sensor is a battery powered, Z-Wave Plus compatible magnetic contact sensor with a temperature measurement feature. 

The Sensor consists of two elements - one part is mounted on the frame, the other part is mounted on the moving part of the window or the door. 

The Sensor detects whether the doors, windows, garage gates, roller blinds, etc. are open or close through its two elements and sends a signal to the Z-Wave network main controller. This may be used in scenes, but also in alarm and monitoring systems.

  • Built-in temperature sensor

  • Compatible with DS18B20 temperature sensors

  • Visual LED indicator signalling status of the device

  • Power: ER14250 ½AA 3.6V

  • Battery life: 2 years

  • Range: up to 50 metres

  • Dimensions: 71mm x18mm x 18mm

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