FIBARO Z-Wave Sensor - Multi Sensor

FIBARO Z-Wave Sensor - Multi Sensor


The Fibaro Motion Sensor is a versatile 4-in-1 Z-Wave multi-sensor combining motion, temperature, light level and vibration functions. The sensor has a built-in accelerometer to detect any tampering of the device.

Wireless and battery-powered, the Fibaro Motion Sensor comes with a small bracket with grip that's allowed it to be installed quickly and easily on any surface. Its adjustable sensitivity setting allows your pets to move freely without triggering the sensor.

The LED indicator signals motion, temperature levels, operating mode. The Motion Sensor can be used for lighting scenes and security monitoring systems.

  • Motion sensor range: 7 metres with 2.4m recommended installation height

  • Temperature Sensor : -20°C ~ 100°C

  • Light Sensor : 0 lux to 32,000 lux

  • Tamper alarm

  • Power supply: 1 x CR123A batteries. 3.6V DC

  • 2-year battery life with low-battery alarm notification

  • Transmission range: up to 50 metres

  • Supports protected mode (Z-Wave network security mode) with AES-128 encryption

  • Dimensions: 46mm x 46mm x 48mm

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