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Fully customised

We can help build your smart home as quickly or as slowly as you want. Start with lighting, sensors or voice control, or get them all. Techsmax makes home automation affordable, scalable and future-proof.

Quick installation. Low cost.

We provide comprehensive installation at your property, most can be completed within 1 day with no additional wiring, so you can retain your current fitting. Suitable for rental property. One-third the price of the old C-Bus system.

Property Developer Package

Are you a property developer looking to give you project a technological edge? Contact us to talk about our bulk installation package.

Our Products

We only use products that have been tested in house and meet our high standards in build quality and compatibility.

What home automation can do

Using Fibaro keyfob to open door

Devices control

The convenience and comfort of controlling lights, blinds, heaters, doors, etc. through your phone or smart remote. 

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Red Fibaro the button on night stand next to sick elderly lady in bed

Disability access

Creating a truly accessible home using home automation, improving independence for people with special needs.

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Wireless stylisdh retro speakers with vinyls and recorder


Invisible approach to multi-room speakers  through in-ceiling or in-wall speakers for the ultimate luxury.

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Girl using mobile phone to monitor smart home devices

Mobile app

Preview the current state of all connected devices and control them anywhere, anytime from app or browser.

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Adjusting setting on Google Home

Voice control

Do you or your loved ones have a disability? Not keen to get out of bed to turn that light off? Voice control is for you.

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Motion sensor app on phone to track temperature, light and security

Security & energy saving

Using sensors to control climate, reducing energy consumption and detect break-in as well as other potential risks.

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House Showcase

Home automation solutions are available at a lower price than you may realise. Need some inspiration and wonder how much it will cost to implement a Z-Wave home automation system? Take a quick peek at our showcases.

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Our Services

Techsmax home automation system design

Automation system design

No matter the size or the complexity, we can help design the system, whether building, renovating or small upgrades, one-bedroom apartment to Toorak mansion. You can start with one function like the security system or get the fully integrated smart home.

Techsmax home automation system installation commission

Automation system installation

We can work with your existing electrical contractors or bring our own team. With either option, we will provide on-site commissioning and technical support to ensure all features associated with the system is running correctly and as per design.

Consultation & support

Call us now for a FREE - NO OBLIGATION consultation. We strike to ensure that the customers find the correct solutions for their needs and lifestyles. Our support doesn’t stop after the installation. Techsmax will look after you and help to grow your system into the future.

Why Techsmax

Based in Melbourne and specialised in the newest Z-Wave technology, Techsmax helps you build the home of tomorrow, today. Convenience, comfort and luxury without the fuss and price tag of the outdated C-Bus system (Clipsal).

Providing our customers with the complete package including system installation testing, consulting, aftercare service and training, or just Z-Wave products to DIY. 

Are you a property developer looking to give you project a technological edge, contact us to talk about our bulk installation deals?

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Z-Wave system

Wireless system

Due to no added wire or cable, we can retrofit and/or retain existing fitting of your home. Installation may be completed within one day.

Easy to use

Compatible with a wide range of approved Z-Wave devices regardless of the brands. Using high-range, low-frequency channel to communicate to avoid wireless interference.

Affordable pricing

Complete basic package for 3-bedroom house/apartment starts from $4900. Get the same features for one-third of the price of the dated C-Bus system (Clipsal).

Flexible & scalable

Customised solution from grand designs to small upgrades. Start with one device or get them all, Z-Wave is capable of being expanded and modified at any time and to suit any budget.

Need help?

Not sure where to begin, what you can and can’t do with home automation? We can help you out with our consulting service and product training or monthly support plans.

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