Disability access

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NDIS provider

We have been working closely with NDIS official partners and other providers to build assisted housing for people with special needs. The key in achieving a functional SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) build is knowing the requirements of the NDIS and the needs of the tenants.

Home automation offers tremendous assistance for people with special needs due to injury or old age, allowing them to stay in their homes where they feel comfortable, instead of moving to a costly healthcare facility.  

It creates spaces that cater to their particular needs and lifestyles, which gives them the opportunity for independence and confidence.

Smart homes help enhance the quality of life of the whole family and make caring for a disabled family member easier.

Our SDA services

  • Build consultation - ennsuring correct base build items are installed at the base build construction time.

  • Full turnkey installation - ensuring all SDA Design categories are met for the desired level.

  • Ongoing maintenance - including firmware update, batteries replacement and other unscheduled repairs to ensure operational stability.

Tenants apartment

  • Automation control of light, door, air conditioner, TV, kitchen & bathroom cabinetry, lifting aids and many more

  • Voice control of automated equipment

  • 2-way voice communication between tenant and support unit

  • Support call from wall-mounted push button via duplicated calling network for increased reliability

  • Provision for integration of medical technology

  • Techsmax’s custom user interface that can be run on multiple phones/tablets

Support apartment

  • Techsmax’s custom user interface running on large monitor (up to 65-inch)

  • Separate support call annunciator display to ensure all messages are received

  • PABX Phone System with the ability to accept outside phone calls and internal calls from tenants

  • Event logging for reporting and review purposes

  • Remote monitoring of tenant apartment

How home automation helps

Limited mobility

  • For those with limited mobility, lights, blinds, heaters, doors, and other devices can be automated and operated via smartphone/tablet or remote

  • Automatic lighting as they move from room to room, which is helpful when their mobility is restricted

  • Single button execution of customised home automation tasks, and scheduled execution of tasks list at pre-set times

  • One single Fibaro button to contact the caretaker or call for help, which can be fixed to a spot and moved when needed

Sensory disabilities

  • For people with limited hearing, vision or spatial awareness, voice-activated system can take the difficulty out of everyday tasks

  • Voice control let them make phone calls or send text messages without fumbling through their mobile phones

  • Voice control TV guide to change channels or other kinds of entertainment

For carers and family members

  • Security cameras let you keep track of your relative’s routine

  • The same sensors that are used to detect a break-in can be programmed to notice if they have awakened or deviated significantly from their usual routine

  • Monitoring their home security or access control from your mobile phone from anywhere

To get specific information regarding your situation, get in touch with us. Our engineer can answer any questions you may have.