Devices control


Z-Wave Certified Installer

We are a Z-Wave Certified Installer - accredited by Z-Wave Alliance. This means that we have completed the necessary training and able to comply to the industry standards.

We build smart home to provide our clients with the comfort and ease of use. Behind that convenience is a complex system of interconnected of technical and mechanical elements. To make sure technology work, it is not just connecting all the devices and let them figure themselves out.

At Techsmax, our technicians and programmers are equipped with in-depth knowledge of the architect of Z-Wave, which involves internet capability, signal strength, appliances protocols, property layout, building materials, and many other factors that all add to a successful network implement.

Fibaro platform

We  base the Z-Wave system on the Fibaro platform and mainly use Fibaro Home Center 2.

Home Center 2 is the easiest and most advanced home automation controller in the market at the moment, it works smoothly not just with Fibaro devices but other brands’ Z-Wave compatible devices with little power consumption.

  • Easily control lighting throughout your home by using wireless modules, which are discreetly installed behind the light switches.* 

  • Transform any appliances into smart ones by plugging them into AEOTEC smart switches and use your phone/tablet or remote to control them.

  • For motorised blinds that are controlled through a wired switch, we install Fibaro ‘roller shutters’, which are modules that control motors.

*Please note: the wireless module can only be installed by a registered electrician. Let Techsmax take care of the job. 

The benefits of using wireless modules:

  • You don’t have to change any light bulbs in the house. No additional wire or cable is required, retaining existing fitting

  • The ability to control multiple lights from the remote or mobile app

  • Installation completed within one day

Scenes setting

Save time at bedtime or when leaving the house with just one button to turn off all lights in the house, close blinds and lock doors, instead of walking past multiple switches or scrolling through different apps.

Better yet, these can be scheduled these to match everyday living. Imagine waking up to your favourite morning playlist playing from your bedroom speaker, while dimmer slowly brighten and your blinds open automatically. Your kettle is boiling and your thermostat is set to the perfect temperature.